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education data management

ZIPLINE powers OtisEd’s iMart Data Management Platform and provides our customers with a powerful data integration solution.  ZIPLINE is designed to “make the black box transparent” and provide our customers with the ability to manage and monitor the iMart Education Data Warehouse platform. 

The ZIPLINE Web Application provides an interface that allows the Data Warehouse Administrators and Developers the ability to configure each step in the data integration process.  In addition, the application suite provides the ability to manage and monitor the ongoing operation of the iMart Data Warehouse. 


source data integration

data validation

crosswalk management

Multiple direct and indirect data integration options

Configure data validation rules to support continuous data quality reporting and remediation

Conform multiple data sources into a single version of the truth

Process monitoring

data redaction

extensible education data model

Monitor data integration processes in a single interface

Automatically redact data to create training environments with your real data

Extend the data model to support your organization's needs

Education Data Management
Education Data Management
Education Data Management