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The iMart SYNERGYZ product is OtisEd's web-based Metadata Management application designed to store and share metadata. Sharing of the metadata can be via private or public data dictionaries, based on the need of the client.  The metadata repository does not contain any customer data, only the metadata. This central repository will allow tenants to search the data dictionary and view sources and definitions.

synergyz FEATURES

easy collaboration

SYNERGYZ is hosted in the OtisEd Cloud as a multi-tenant application enabling collaboration and sharing of the metadata. This collaboration will facilitate sharing of knowledge and experience with other education organizations, allowing for quicker solution development and better designs. 


SYNERGYZ stores not only the technical definitions of elements, but also a user-friendly end-user definition.  This allows for the storing of the details the technical staff requires, while allowing end-users to view an “English friendly” definition of an element. 

embed into web- applications

The SYNERGYZ application can be embedded into web-applications, sourcing the metadata directly from SYNERGYZ.  This is helpful in allowing the metadata to sit in one central repository, while accessing it from various applications for various uses. 

In the K12 education market, SYNERGYZ provides the ability to export the metadata to compare it to the Common Education Data Standards (CEDS). This “CEDS Alignment” functionality simplifies the metadata maintenance by keeping all metadata revisions in one place and exporting it into the CEDS Align tool to check for alignment.


We continually work with our clients to enhance and upgrade functionality, so new features and functions are added on a regular basis.  An upcoming enhancement is the ability to import an existing data model into the SYNERGYZ application, to enable all of the functionality noted above.

Note:  The iMart SYNERGYZ application was designed to interact with the iMart ZIPLINE product to build and manage a customer’s iMart Data Warehouse or Data Analytics platform.  However, it is also capable of being a standalone metadata application.

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