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iMart SYNERGYZ is OtisEd's web-based Metadata Management

application designed to store and share metadata.

Synergyz is a web-based metadata management system for data warehouses and analytics. It provides the ability to create and manage analytical data models, share these models across agencies and publish both public and private data dictionaries.


Within the education market, Synergyz provides the ability to align the metadata to the Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) and to export the data for import into the CEDS Align product.

01 / Data Models provide enriched support for dimensional models

02 / Integration with Zipline provides database and ETL code generation

03 / Align data elements with CEDS data standards for Education market (version 7.1)

04 / Export data dictionary to CEDS Align specifications

05 / Embeddable dictionary for external websites

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