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slds data warehouse

The OtisEd SLDS Data Warehouse solution provides a comprehensive set of tools and methodologies to collect data from the various sources of information which are of interest when evaluating education outcomes. This includes pulling data together from Early Childhood, K-12, Post-Secondary, and Workforce and the various assessment vendors used to evaluate student performance. All of this data is loaded into a centralized repository to provide a single source of information which spans the entry of the student into the education system until they leave the education system to work as an adult.

01 / Passive integration of data extracts from any ODBC compliant data source.

02 / Shareable extract definitions to standardize extracts across multiple entities.

03 / Framework and methodology for handling persistent staging of data.

04 / Code generation of DDL and ETL from Synergyz data model.

05 / Assessment Loader to process vendor flat files.

06 / Starter data models from a variety of clients.

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