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NIMBLE educational metrics

"You can't manage what you don't measure!" This "tried and true" statement is at the heart of iMart Nimble. Our solution ships with a set of Education Metrics designed for most scenarios, and our customers can create their own metrics specific to their organization.
With iMart Nimble, you can tailor the metrics to meet your specific needs. 

predefined education metrics

NIMBLE provides predefined education metrics that are commonly used in education.  These metrics allow our customers to build analytics and reporting to answer many of their education questions. NIMBLE Education Metrics can be used across dashboards and reports.  In addition, our customers can copy and modify these metrics to meet their specific needs. 

nimble metrics editor

NIMBLE provides a versatile Metrics Editor, allowing our customers to create their own metrics and KPI's.  With over 320 metric algorithms, our customers can create custom metrics and calculations to support powerful analytics.
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