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essa report card

are you ready for essa?

the challenge

As SEAs implement new accountability reporting rules under ESSA, it is essential to have a solution to meet all the new requirements. Building an in-house solution and publishing an annual report card is very time-consuming, stressful and difficult to maintain with limited resources.

the essa solution offers:

  • A “Find School” or Search capability, using GIS, address, and District/School name capability.

  • Advanced Search capability with additional criteria.


  • Customization to the SEA’s branding.


  • Configuration to the ESSA Plan metrics.


  • Print & Download capability of the report card.


  • School & District Compare functionality.


  • Secure Appeal Process functionality. 


  • Pre-built templates for ease of viewing.


  • Vibrant and easy to understand report card.


  • Freeing up of internal SEA staff for other work.


  • A simpler method to support the report card project.

our solution

OtisEd has built a configurable accountability dashboard solution which leverages your existing data sources and publishes the ESSA Report Card. The OtisEd ESSA Solution is a pre-built system, which can be configured to your definitions and requirements, and produce a visually appealing, parent-friendly report card for the public.  

Additionally, the ESSA Solution offers secure data validation and appeal processes.  This allows LEAs, using the SEA’s authentication, the ability to review their data down to the student level prior to releasing the public report card.

OtisEd anticipated the need and is offering one of the first solutions to meet the ESSA Report Card requirement that has been implemented in other states.

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